Hello – I’m Marty Duda – welcome to The 13th Floor. I hope this is one of your favourite places to check out what’s happening in music, film and art in New Zealand and around the world.

We’ve been growing like crazy around here – more video sessions with local and international artists stopping by, tonnes of reviews and exclusive concert photos, ticket giveaways and more hits! You’ve kept us in the Top 20 NZ sites for the past year! Thank you!

I look forward to your comments. A good healthy discussion is always fun. Enjoy your stay on the 13th Floor.

Cheers, Marty

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  1. Andrew Peacocke

    Hi Marty,

    I’ve listened to you a lot on RNZ with Kathryn Ryan and always enjoy your take on things.
    Did you make it to the Pheonox Foundation concert at the Power Station last month?

    Steves review of them wasn’t fantastic but he doesn’t sound like a big fan so just wondering if you thought or heard if it was a good performance?
    I think I remember you saying on RNZ that you thought they were the best band NZ currently has

    I went in Tauranga and really enjoyed the concert but was disappointed with the turn out. It was a small venue but wasn’t near sold out which surprised me. I’m not sure if many people knew it was on.
    I think they are a class act that makes fantastic music. I hope they make a good living out of their music which can’t be easy in a small country.
    Keep up the good work and the contagious enthusiasm.


    • Hi Andrew. No, I didn’t see Phoenix Foundation this time around. I was overseas. But I do think highly of them and have reviewed them previously on 13th Floor. Use the search engine and you should be able to find older reviews.


  2. Hello! I’ve been following your site for a long time now and finally ggot the courage to go ahead and
    give you a shout out from Kingwood Tx! Just wanted to say keep up thee excellent work!


  3. Nick

    Hey Marty, enjoyed your profile on Stephen Stills today. Hearing your mention of Jerry Garcia playing pedal steel on Changing Partners made me wonder if you might take a look at the Garcia /Dead songbook sometime? I think I remember hearing Stills comment recently that CS&N had been trying for ages to figure out how they could play Uncle John’s Band but never got anywhere with it. Probably the age-old difference between LA and SanFrancisco I would think… I saw the Lesh /Weir band Furthur playing Radio City,NYC last year(with guests Elvis Costello and Larry Campbell) it was a lot of fun.Cheers,NickB


  4. Chris Bopp

    Hi Marty.

    Excellent site. I attended the Wellington Rodriguez show and am happy to report that to me personally it was a fantastic experience. As not having attended an event in the TSB Arena, I was initially sceptical about the change from the Wellington Town Hall, but suffice to say, the sound was good, no AC problems and Rodriguez was in top form for a 70 year old and rocked the house… Then again, as an expat South African who grew up with his music, I may be biased. The format of your review of the Aucklanf concert is awesome and I just have one question…. Do you have the playlist or can you obtain the playlist for the Wellington show?



  5. Marty – used a few lines from your Deep Purple review on our blog, Darker Than Blue, with a link to your site and pics. Hope this is OK, I couldn’t find an email address to contact you direct! Shout if an issue, here’s the link. Thanks Simon http://wp.me/P5b2S-Iv


  6. Hi Marty, I cant find a contact email address, so I am posting here.

    My name is Kane and I play in a band called Death In Texas. We are a progressive pop 3 piece from New Zealand, based in London, UK.

    We have just released a new single and video through The Animal Farm record label called ‘Fear Of The Hundred’, and we would love for you to check it out. If you like what you hear/see, we would really appreciate a mention/review on The 13th Floor.

    Please go to http://www.deathintexasmusic.com for the video, press info, photos and more music, or any of the links below our signature if you prefer those sites. If you require a download, please let me know and I will forward you a free download link asap.

    In return we would of course offer links to your site on our Facebook and Twitter feeds, and advanced notice of new content in the future. Here is a little bit about us.

    “A guitarless trio exploring the darker side of pop, with the feel of a wide screen road movie. It’s grandiose, over the top and cinematic. Just when you think you have them sussed, they take a left turn and sweep you off your feet.”

    Thank you for your time.



  7. hi there, came across your page while reading up about the current Weezer tour prior to their first Melbourne gig! Great name as Im a fan of the Elevators too! I’ve just started my on blog and hope to cover the local independant Melbourne scene as well as whats going on back at home in Ireland and further afield! I have presented 2 of my own shows on community radio back in Dublin too so keep up the great work. If any bands or artists wanna to get in touch about upcoming gigs, releases etc then feel free to get in touch!


  8. Cass Horsfall

    Hi Marty

    Just a heads up that the Mulatu Astatke concert has been rescheduled for Friday 1st of March. The Powerstation at this stage is still advertising it as March 16 but it is all about to be changed. Communication breakdown somewhere…My name is Cass by the way, the bass player for the Black Jesus Experience. Digging deeper into Mulatu’s back catalogue for this next round so should be sounding nice. Thanks



  9. Hey I’m opening a punk rock bar here in Auckland, How can i send you my press release? great site by the way


  10. beatmodnrocker

    Marty, just got my Kasey Chambers and Shane Nicholson ‘Wreck & Ruin’ CD in the post and although I now can’t whinge about “never ever winning nuffin’ ever ever in my whole life”, the CD is such a great listen I’m not shedding too many tears.
    The way their voices wrap around each other… wow! Beautiful stuff… and when they get that iron horse choo-choo train rhythm going on ‘Sick As A Dog’ I have to put my atheist thinking aside and send up thanks to the good lord above for music this great and for a Duda named Marty who hooked me up.
    Thanks man, keep kickin’ out the jams,
    The Beat Mod’n’Rocker


  11. Marty, I’ve recently listened to your recent interview with Zaine Griff and was humbled to be given a name check by Zaine along with Harry. The Inerview on Radio New Zealand seemed to jump in and I wondered if there was an more of the interview available. I run a Zaine Griff fan site called ‘Fahrenheit 451′ (www.zainegriff.co.uk) and plan to put an mp3 of the interview up on the site. I hope that is O.K. I’ll add a link to you and this site if that’s o.k.? I don’;t suppose there are any pictures of the two of you together/


  12. David Duda



  13. David Wood

    I am trying to find information about a band called The Surf Rockers. They put out a cover track of the old country song “Wild Side Of Life” and it appears on a CD called Keep On Indo Rockin’ Vol 7. The same track (to my ears anyway) is on Surf’n’Burn by The Surf Rats – are they the same band? Do you have any info. on the lineup that played on “Wild Side Of Life”?


  14. choice flying nun, may come you’re way too, long in the snaggletooth


  15. james

    Hi Marty,

    I just saw this on here,

    “Toy Love April 21 – Auckland – The Gluepot”

    Can you confirm?? Where to get tickets? Where is the Gluepot in 2012 ???

    thanks! James


  16. Peter P Wilson

    Hi Marty.
    Hear you on 101.4 all the time. Like yr web site. Bookmarked now . Does it have an elevator ?
    I co-host a vinyl fair with Klaus the Wonder Plumber at the Freemans’ Bay Community Hall three times a year. Next one’s in March. Some industry folk wander through from time to time, so, don’t be a stranger. Drop me a line if you’d like to talk high – end analogue / vinyl setup and good health for your gramophone. Well done.


  17. Hi Marty,

    Not sure whether you have come across us lot from Paekakariki – here is our ‘One Shot Wonder’ YouTube Channel, featuring lots of music vids from the sticks.



  18. Hello Marty, I would like to suggest that you feature The Mekons on one of the Nine to Noon programmes. They have been around for 30 years but are still a functioning sort of collective. New Zealanders might like to hear about them.
    Cheers and thanks for your work,
    Hamish mack


  19. enjoying your site tremendously. I’ve been writing about outsider art and music at Intuitive Eye http://www.intuitiveeye.org this year. I’ll keep reading and listening, jay wehnert


  20. Hi Marty,

    Really enjoy reading your website & really love Simon Combers music too, so I am pleased to see you are talking about him! I would love to send you through an album to consider for review, what email address is best to send correspondence to? There doesn’t appear to be a contact address on the website. You are welcome to email it through to me.



  21. I can’t get the music to stream in the background as you suggest it should – I get it playing but as soon as I go to another page, it stops.
    Is there some trick in setting it up?


    • Hi David,

      It all seems to be working OK. You need to click on links that open new tabs. For instance, if you are listening to a radio show and want to read a review, rather than click on the headline, click below where it says “click here to read the entire review”. That should keep you listening while reading. Hope that helps.


  22. Great looking site, Marty.

    Steve Wendell


  23. Tim Dorward

    Marty Duda, the Google of music!! Fantastic!! Go, Marty


  24. Noel Dunningham

    Hi Marty, I would like to get a full size file copy of the photo of Bob Dylan that you have used on the review of his Auckland concert, it is the one of him looking up and he has a band member next to him, it looks like he is holding a harmonica in his hand. Is this possible please.


  25. Alex Barnes

    Sup MD!
    I just wanted to give you “mad props” for the great reviews you do here on the 13th Floor and for RNZ. You do your homework, have a critical analysis and are obviously a rocker from way back.

    While my fav genre is hip-hop, which isn’t given huge promo on RNZ, and could be given more due to its influence on my generation (late 20s/30s), you do cast a gaze on the related blues/funk/jazz and R&B music scene. Nice.

    I’m envious of your job, but hey, you do it well!

    Keep the peace,

    Alex B


  26. Hi Marty,

    It was nice to meet you last Saturday at Marianne Dissard’s performance at The Lucha Lounge. Great website! We’ll be checking in regularily.



  27. Neil Stewart

    Hi Marty,
    What a great website. Started listening to the Aaron Neville interview but got distracted trawling through the site at the same time. Damn not having the female multitasking properties down. Never mind i’ll just listen again.
    Thanks for all your good work with this.


  28. Roy Watkins

    Hi Marty,
    How about playing ‘The Books’ on Nine to Noon or even an interview with them? Am looking forward to their concert at the Kings Arms Feb 25! We are big fans of their album ‘Lost & Safe’.


  29. Hey Marty!

    Greets from Rochester… look forward to digging the blog!


  30. Radar

    Hi Marty,

    Great looking site!

    Damn you, i’m trying not to be distracted at the moment and now you have presented us all with this rich trove of treasure



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