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Parents European Tour Diary – Part 2 June 27 2016


image1Parents guitarist Jono Glenday checks in with the second part of their Europe adventures, starting off in the Czech Republic.

Following our show in Prague we stayed at the promoter’s house in the Czech countryside. Fortuitously, his uncle was a slick mechanic and was able to sort out our van troubles after running some diagnostics. This would take some time, so him and Will cracked some beers and waited – par for the course on a Sunday morning in the Czech Republic. Soon after, we headed off to our next show in Vienna, but first we had to get rid of our Czech currency which Simon held in the form of a giant cup filled with small change. It was hilarious watching Simon head into the supermarket with this giant cup of money, trying to spend as much as he could. We’re talking about a country where a 2 litre beer is $1. Continue reading

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Tina’s High Horse: Ru Paul’s Drag Race

In response to the Orlando shootings I was going to discuss the media narrative, gun control, why any civilian would really need an easily reloadable 50 round weapon, that might just seem is only designed to mow down as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time. I was even going to talk about the relativity of religious extremism and how Christians have also managed to slaughter many people and have too punched above their weight in terms of oppressing the wimmins and the gays…. But I think we need another think piece on this, like we need another testicle. Instead, I will leave these two images here…ru6ru7


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