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Yes, Black Lives Matter

blm-water-towerSo I first wrote this on the 2nd of July before the shootings of innocent black men and before the police shootings. It seems odd to be in America during this time, especially having written what is below. I also tripped over a shotgun casing looking at fireflies just before taking that photo of the water tower in Louisville, the home town of Muhammad Ali, no less. Continue reading

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Postcards from Tourettes – The Boat

Tourettes press shot 1On the day we took the boat out, the sky was sleepy. You promised it would wake up later and I have always believed everything you say, even when I know you’re lying. I wrapped the sandwiches carefully, tucking the wax paper under their bellies.
Outside, you harnessed the boat to the back of the car. Watching though the cobwebbed kitchen window, I marvelled at our lives, how much we had overcome and forgotten to achieve, this life of majestic simplicity. Continue reading

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Girl Power!: The Spice Girls and Feminism

spice-girls-feminismIt’s been 20 years since The Spice Girls released Wannabe. The 13th Floor’s Kate Powell has some thoughts about The Spice Girls and Feminism:

Broadly speaking a feminist is a person that embraces the fact that all women regardless of sexual identity, religion, race, and socio- economic backgrounds have the unequivocal right to equality respect and human decency. It is an entirely rational idea that would be natural in an ideal world.  But because we don’t live in an ideal world, it is an idea that is not without its politics and its detractors. Thanks to the internet and social media, everyone has a soap box to stand on to voice their opinions, and for the last year or so feminism has been the hot button topic, a discussion which has been encouraged via celebrities. Continue reading

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Tina’s High Horse: Ru Paul’s Drag Race

In response to the Orlando shootings I was going to discuss the media narrative, gun control, why any civilian would really need an easily reloadable 50 round weapon, that might just seem is only designed to mow down as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time. I was even going to talk about the relativity of religious extremism and how Christians have also managed to slaughter many people and have too punched above their weight in terms of oppressing the wimmins and the gays…. But I think we need another think piece on this, like we need another testicle. Instead, I will leave these two images here…ru6ru7


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Adventures In Record Shopping

The 13th Floor’s intrepid reporter Brent Giblin hit the record stores today and reported back:

RecordShops “So I thought I would attempt to file a weekly report on bargains found and other discoveries from my rounds of record shops wherever I am. With my friend Wayne visiting from Wanganui I had the perfect excuse to hit Southbound, Flying Out and Rebel Soul record stores in central Auckland today. Purchases were made, information gleaned and bank balances checked. Good times were had.”

Click here to get the full story.

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Record Store Day 2016: One Man’s Opinion

Record Store Day 2016Record store day is just around the corner. We welcome Brent Giblin to The 13th Floor as he shares his feelings about the blessed event…

I’m excited. Record Store Day is only hours away. For the last couple of years there has been building unrest about how the International Record Store day is run. Overpriced vinyl, major label interference, late arriving stock, no Sale or Return policy, pressing plant bottlenecks. You have probably heard or read some of these arguments. Most of them have been around in some form or another ever since I bought my first 7’ Mi-Sex “People” from the New Brighton EMI Shop in 1980. Don’t let them stop you from enjoying what should be a great day .

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