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Karl PhotoListen To Karl Steven’s 13th Floor Radio Programme!

Karl Steven is not only the front man for The Drab Doo Riffs and Supergroove, he is a curator of some of the world’s most eclectic music. The 13th Floor invited him to come around and record a radio show to share some of his favourite tracks with us. He kindly obliged, and now you can listen to the result!

Click here to listen to Karl Steven’s streaming radio programme:

Click here to read Karl’s play list.

Jacinda Ardern Spins Tunes on the 13th Floor

JacindaAdern-5crop MP Jacinda Ardern stopped by The 13th Floor to play some of her favourite music.
She was spotted spinning discs at Real Groovy Records on International Record Store day earlier this year. Now, here’s your chance to listen in as Jacinda Ardern hosts her first streaming radio programme.
The 33 year old politician is into a wide spectrum of music reaching back to the 1960s to the latest releases. Plus she get personal, relating stories about her own life and how the music affected her. So, check out this latest 13th Floor Radio Programme hosted by Jacinda Ardern here: 
Click here to see Jacinda’s playlist.

Jaz Coleman on the 13th Floor!


Jaz Coleman hosts a 13th Floostreaming radio show in which he plays some of his most influential tracks. As one would expect from a man who excels in both the rock and classical worlds, Jaz’s tastes run all over the map from reggae to punk, from classical to metal. Listen in as Jaz Coleman shares, not only some of his favourite musical tracks, but also stories that include his friends from Joy Division, Can and Bauhaus, among others.
Click here to listen to Jaz Coleman’s 13th Floor Radio Show:
Click here to see Jaz Coleman’s playlist.

Paul McLaney’s Radio Programme

Hot on the heels of the release of his new band’s self-titled debut album Nameless Sons, Paul McLaney has hosted a radio programme for The 13th Floor. In addition to Nameless Sons and his solo work, Paul is known for his other band Gramsci and for his involvement with the mysterious IMMRAM project (see the brand new video here). As you will hear, Paul’s musical taste is wide-ranging and challenging. So, while you’re surfing the net, enjoy  Paul McLaney as he introduces some of his favourite music.
Click here to listen to Paul McLaney’s streaming radio programme:
Paul McLaney Playlist

Marty Duda’s programme #1 (Feb. 2011)

Hi, I’ve put together a two-hour music programme that you can listen to while surfing the rest of the 13th Floor or other places on the net. I’m featuring some of my favourite music both old and new. You can click on the track-listing to locate a particular song. Feel free to make comments and suggestions and get in touch if you’d like to have your own programme featured on the 13th Floor. This is what a radio station would sound like if I was allowed to programme it.
Listen Here:
Click here for a complete track listing

Marty Duda’s programme #2 (Sept. 2011)

Listen in as Marty Duda plays his favourites, both old and new on the 13th Floor. There’s everything from punk to funk, rarities and surprises and plenty of new music.
Click here to listen to the show:
Click here to see Marty’s playlist.

Caitlin Smith

Caitlin is one of New Zealand’s top vocalists, about to release her second solo album, You Have Reached Your Destination. You can see her perform in Auckland every Sunday night at Hotel DeBrett from 6:30 to 9:30pm.  Here she plays some of her favourite songs from other artists.
Part 1:
Part 2:
Click here for a complete track listing.

Roger Shepherd

To help celebrate the 30th anniversay of the iconic New Zealand record label, Flying Nun, the 13th Floor welcomes Roger Shepherd, the founder and current owner of the label. Roger came up to The 13th Floor to spin 30 of his favourite Flying Nun tunes. You can listen in as Roger talks about some of New Zealand’s most important music.
Click here to listen to Roger Shepherd’s streaming radio programme:
Click here to read Roger Shepherd’s playlist.

Miriam Clancy

With a tour starting in just a few days and an extended trip to the US coming up fast, Miriam Clancy stopped by The 13th Floor to play some of her favourite songs for us. Miriam has recorded two exceptional albums already, Lucky One and Magnetic, and will record her third while overseas. Listen in as Miriam Clancy plays DJ at The 13th Floor.
Click here to read Miriam’s playlist

Liz Barry

Liz has made a reputation over the years as a supporter of New Zealand music. So here she is with first of a new series, doing what she does best.

“Part 1 of of Close to Home features some of my favourite NZ tunes, plus a couple of newer debut’s from Welly dub rockers Stonerange & singer/songwriter Steph Casey. The second part, well – it’s full of surprises really! Hope you enjoy my selection of good grooves, tasty beats and much more here in Close to Home Music.” Arohanui – LizB.

Click here to listen to part 1 of Close To Home:
Click here to listen to part 2, Close To Home At Last:

Donna Dean

Donna Dean is an award winning songwriter who’s songs are being hand picked as title tracks for albums reaping Grammy nominations. Her material has been translated to French, she’s recorded with The Amazing Rhythm Aces in Nashville and toured New Zealand with hit songwriter Don Mclean in February 2011. Donna has two Tui Awards, recorded five albums and has 12 years of European touring to her credit.
Click here to listen to Donna’s programme:
Click here to see Donna’s play list
Click here to go to Donna Dean’s website

Dylan Storey

Dylan Storey is one of our finest local singer songwriters. Based in Auckland, he’s known for playing his Firebird guitar too loud across the country. Check him out at and his latest EP can be downloaded for free at This radio show gathers some of his main influences and inspirations over the span of his career.
To listen to Dylan’s programme, click here:
Click here to see Dylan Storey’s play list

Kathryn Van Beek

Hi I’m Kathryn, a bass player and singer turned event manager. My favourite musical moments have included opening for The Rogers Sisters, driving Dan Auerbach around Auckland, mud wrestling for a music video, putting on a rock show in a car showroom, and of course being swept away into dreamland by some of the amazing shows I’ve been to. Past flatmates will be surprised that this show doesn’t include any Eagles of Death Metal or, er, Airbourne.
Click here to listen to Kathryn’s programme:
Click here to read Kathryn’s playlist
Click here to check out Kathryn’s van Geek videos on Youtube
Click here to watch Kathryn’s band Jonnie Rose and their video of Italian Restaurant
Click here to visit Kathryn’s website

Christiaan de Wit

My name is Christiaan de Wit aka DJ Kreitskreator. I moved from Amsterdam to Auckland four months ago because I love volcanoes, black sandy beaches and above all palm trees. Back in Amsterdam, I worked as a freelance journalist and copywriter, but also for two great record stores: Concerto and Rush Hour, the latter also running the self-titled label as well as the Kindred Spirits imprint. Here in Auckland, I still write my ass off for Groove Guide, but I also work at Real Groovy Records where I dig up a lot of stuff. I love Conch Records as well.
Listen to Chris’ radio programme here:
Click here to see Chris’ play list

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  1. alan surridge

    Marty, really enjoyed your selection, your a man of fine musical tastes.


  2. misael

    HEY Marty Duda!
    KEEP this going! happy to find radio shows like you ahve here!

    nice site!


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