Christiaan de Wit’s Radio Programme

The 13th Floor is thrilled to have Christiann De Wit contribute a streaming radio programme. Chris is a recent resident of Auckland, having moved here from Amsterdam a few months ago. He is a music journalist and DJ who now writes for Groove Guide. As you will hear, Chris’ musical taste is eclectic, to say the least. His selections range from bossa nova to free jazz. Here’s Chris to say a bit more about himself:

My name is Christiaan de Wit aka DJ Kreitskreator. I moved from Amsterdam to Auckland four months ago because I love volcanoes, black sandy beaches and above all palm trees. Back in Amsterdam, I worked as a freelance journalist and copywriter, but also for two great record stores: Concerto and Rush Hour, the latter also running the self-titled label as well as the Kindred Spirits imprint. Here in Auckland, I still write my ass off, but I also work at Real Groovy Records where I dig up a lot of stuff. I love Conch Records as well, just to let you know.

Being a music freak, it was quite easy to come across Marty Duda sooner or later. As I got kicked of 106.9 KFM the other day for playing not enough dub in general and a Spanish version of Bowie’s Space Oddity in particular, I am very grateful to Marty that he let me chuck a few crazy tunes on his brand new baby 13th Floor. Sit back and try to relax (not sure if that’s going to work all the way through).

Listen to Chris’ radio programme here:

Click here to see Chris’ play list

One response to “Christiaan de Wit’s Radio Programme

  1. Great compilation. There were loads of new things I got to
    know via this post.


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