Radio Duda: Marty Duda #1

Hi, I’ve put together a two-hour music programme that you can listen to while surfing the rest of the 13th Floor or other places on the net. I’m featuring some of my favourite music both old and new. You can click on the track-listing to locate a particular song. Feel free to make comments and suggestions and get in touch if you’d like to have your own programme featured on the 13th Floor. This is what a radio station would sound like if I was allowed to programme it.

Listen Here:

Click here for a complete track listing

20 responses to “Radio Duda: Marty Duda #1

  1. Loved your shows and taste in New York a few years back, now checking in from South Carolina. Thanks!


  2. Justine King

    Hi Marty
    I listen to you on Wednesdays nine to noon when I have the opportunity. Love your music choices and being introduced to great music, groups and bands that I have never heard and would probably never discover otherwise. Now I’ve discovered the 13th Floor I’m going to be a regular visitor.
    Last year on nine to noon you profiled a US singer/songwriter with a country bent who did a cover of “I aint missing you at all”. Please could you tell me his name?
    Thanks for the great job you’re doing, it must be quite a juggle, but it’s extremely appreciated!


  3. Neil Young’s autobio is available (at about $NZ12 on Kindle) titled Waging Heavy Peace … Larry of Puhoi


  4. Helen Vicary

    I have been looking for a website where people can discuss and rave about music. It seemed a frustrating search. The I thought of you but couldn’t find a contact for you on National Radio’s website, so I googled your name and found 13th Floor! Fantastic! My main music is soul, blues and rock and it was listening to Soloman Burke’s classic `Cry to Me’ that I felt the need to rave to someone about it. So here I am. Look forward to hearing more.


  5. timgruar

    Hey Marty – was Listening to the 27 June RNZ Show with Katherine re: Jeffery Lee Pierce – I did a review recently for Groove Guide –
    “The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Project – The Journey is Long. 5 stars by far!
    Obituary time: Jeffrey Lee Pierce (1958-1996), singer-songwriter-guitarist and a founding member of the ’80s punks The Gun Club and The Red Lights. In 2010, The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project, launched We Are Only Riders, the first of a three album series featuring previously-unreleased, works-in-progress and re-interpretations of old Gun Club stuff, collaborators and acolytes. The Journey is Long is number 2 and includes Debbie Harry + Chris Stein, Nick Cave and Lydia Lunch. Other stars to shine are The Jim Jones Revue, Barry Adamson (with a molesting “I Wanna be you”), the Grinderman/Dirty 3’s Warren Ellis, and Steve Wynn (Dream Syndicate). “Book of Love” gets a new coat of paint, thanks to Vertical Smile and “In My room” gets the alt-goth-cowboy treatment thanks to Tex Perkins and Lunch, whose also does the a drug addled “The Brink”. Cave provides the menacing opener “City in Pain”. What strikes the listener immediately is the breadth of styles Pierce was capable of – providing a satisfying and interesting tribute series, worthy of multiple listens and indulgences. ‘ 5/5 Stars (Gun Club were a fav’
    – Tim Gruar


  6. the beat mod'n'rocker (Brendon)

    Just found my way here thanks to a mention during yr RNZ spot today. I like what yr doing here and am looking forward to yr mix selections as they come up. Cool Blue was mentioned by Earl B a few posts up the page and I’m 2nd’ing that emotion. Great stuff to nod my head to while I try and find an Auckland friend who’ll go down to Groovy on the 21st and grab me a copy of the Toy Love vinyl. The one per customer limit is making this tough… goddamn people are selfish mofo’s!


  7. Peter Green

    Hi Marty, I didn’t know this website existed. I will call back from time to time.

    A couple of weeks back on Nine to Noon you played a tribute to Johnny Otis. Thank you. The last track you played was a live BBC 1972 recording of the Johnny Otis show. I really appreciiated this bunch of happy musicians having a great time. It was a different genre but reminded me of the London Jazz clubs when I was a student in the late 1950s; we all had a great time.

    I have tried iTunes and YouTube without success so please can you tell me where I could buy a copy of this session.

    Thanks and regards

    Peter Green


  8. Antony Pike

    Hi Marty

    Really digging the radio show
    The tunes you were playing at the Volume launch party were badass as well (I played in that ‘X-Ray Fiends’ band)

    Keep up the groovy tunes


  9. Just found you – good stuff. Great sounds to spring-clean’ by.
    Kia ora.


  10. Hi Marty – have enjoyed your radio spots over the last few years – you have filled some of the gap left by Simon Morris’ defection to Hollywood.
    It is great to find this site which I will use while I am beavering away in macworld.
    I like the slutty scope of your tracklist.
    If you would like to hear/see some of the new music/vids I am working on let me know and I’ll send you some links.
    Cheers Fane


  11. John Wilson

    Hi Marty – Great to find this. Hey, today on nine to noon you played some Derek truck. You started with a beatiful song written by John Coltrane – and I tried to find it on You Tube – but didn’t know the name of it, so it was a bit of a blind hit. Just wondering if you could give me a title here. By the way this guy just has to be Duane Allman reincarnated. Thanks, John


  12. Earl B.

    Great site, and some interesting selections on the radio shows! It calls to mind the long-lost Cool Blue FM.


  13. George Vianco

    Nice selection of tunes. Do you remember Badger, Graeme Edge Band and of course Phaser’s on Stun!
    PS Mr. Lown how is that pitching arm?
    George V


    • You should record your own show to post on my site.
      I have been in touch with Lown lately. Believe it or not, now I’m pitching on the team I play for. It’s summer here, so we’re right in the middle of the season.

      Rock On!


  14. Sue

    I like the 13th floor. And I love your music selection. Thanks, I’ve just found a new place to hang out in!


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