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Case/Lang/Veirs – Case/Lang/Veirs (Nonesuch)

neko-case-kd-lang-laura-veirs-case-lang-veirs-supergroup-atomic-number-new-album-listen-640x640-640x640This self titled collaboration between Neko Case, k.d. lang and Laura Veirs is a coherent, harmony laden surprise that plays to each members strengths while still managing to forge a group identity over it’s 14 tracks. Continue reading

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Felice Brothers – Life in the Dark (Yep Roc)

FeliceBrothers_LifeInTheDark_COVERThe wonderful Felice Brothers (2 real and several ‘adopted’) are back again, and the world is better for it.  Bringing with them is their own fairy tale version of America, a place that can no longer exist in this bitter world of shopping mall terrorism and the shakier foundations of a country bleeding pus in the Trump-era.   Continue reading

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Kongos – Egomaniac (Epic)

Kongos EgomaniacKongos are a family affair.  Brothers, in fact – the four sons of South African Sixties rocker John Kongos, who’s best known for his 1971 top 10 hit single, He’s Gonna Step on You Again.  Yes, the very song that was remade in the 90’s by Manc tripsters Happy Mondays (re-labelled Step On).   Continue reading

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Helen Henderson – Café One2One July 9, 2016

Helen Henderson 23Invercargill-born songstress Helen Henderson has recorded in London, LA, Nashville and Muscle Shoals. For this Saturday evening she and seven other musicians were perched one the tiny stage at Ponsonby’s Café One2One, playing and singing the songs that comprise her nearly-40-year career. Continue reading

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Gareth Thomas – Whammy Bar July 8, 2016

Gareth Thomas - Whammy Bar 8July16 (2 of 28)Goodshirt member Gareth Thomas introduced his new solo album, Fizzy Milk, to an enthusiastic crowd at Auckland’s Whammy Bar this Friday night.

Helping out Gareth was Fazerdaze frontwoman Amelia Murray, who played electric guitar and Jonathan Burgess (bass) and drummer Scott Mason, all of whom played on the album. Continue reading

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Willie Watson & Joshua Hedley Tuning Fork July 7, 2016


Willie Watson 28It was a dark and stormy night…but that didn’t keep the music lovers away from Auckland’s Tuning Fork as Joshua Hedley and Willie Watson each brought their distinctive takes on what can loosely be called Americana to New Zealand. Continue reading

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Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates

mike-and-dave-poster-smallDir: Jake Szymanski

Starring: Zac Efron, Aubrey Plaza, Anna Kendrick, Adam Devine

Welcome to the world of the Stangle brothers. The fun-loving Mike (Adam Devine) and Dave (Zac Efron) believe that they are the life of the party. In fact they are the death of the party – every family event so far has been spoiled by their bizarre and often destructive antics and the Stangle parents have had enough. Determined not to endure another disaster during the Hawaii destination wedding of their youngest daughter Jeanie, the parents force an ultimatum – either Mike and Dave find respectable dates or don’t turn up to the ceremony at all (Sione’s Wedding anyone?) Continue reading

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The Gotobeds – Blood//Sugar//Secs/Traffic (Sub Pop)

gotobeds-bsst-900Blood//Sugar//Secs//Traffic is The Gotobeds’ sophomore album, and their first album released through Sub Pop Records. The album title sassily throws some shade at the Red Hot Chili Peppers, announcing pretty clearly that even though they’re continuing to break out of Philly, they’re not here for your rock star bullshit okay? The follow-up to their 2014 debut album Poor People Are Revolting does what The Gotobeds do best, jumbling the juvenile with the intellectual in a tour de force of ruckus, with varying amounts of structure. However, enjoyable as Blood//Sugar//Secs//Traffic can be, it’s reliance on its influences stifles creativity, plenty of pith not enough vision. Continue reading

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Watch Joshua Hedley at The 13th Floor

Nashville-based musician Joshua Hedley is in Auckland to perform at The Tuning Fork along with former Old Crow Medicine Show member Willie Watson  on Thursday night. Joshua stopped by The 13th Floor this afternoon to chat with Marty Duda and to play a couple of tunes. One song he performed is brand new…the other, an old country favourite. Check out Joshua Hedley’s 13th Floor Video Session here:

Click here for more information about Joshua Hedley and Willie Watson at The Tuning Fork on Thursday, July 7th. 

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Broods – Conscious (Capitol)

broods-consciousTheoretically, I should like Broods, as I find the glittery grime and smart smaltz of  synth pop appealing. Like all genres, it has its tropes- artists such as Eurythmics, CHVRCHES, Phantogram, and Purity Ring have all created fantastic albums that are exercises in aural chiaroscuro. Each of these bands have the commonality of darkly angular beats colliding and intertwining with sweetly pure vocals. However, be it through something as simple as a rhythm change or as deep as lyrical content, each of these aforementioned bands have managed to maintain a sense of musical individuality. Continue reading

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Air – TwentyYears (Warners)

Air Twenty YearsNicolas Godin and Jean-Benoît Dunckel are more than just the hippest foreign exchange students in the dorm.  Air’s clever hybrid of downbeat electronic, 1960s pop, and Gallic kitsch is in it’s own helium bubble of coolness.  Always has been.  And they’ve brought us all along for the ride, re-introducing us to long out of style musicians like Serge Gainsbourg, the antic electronic experimenters Perrey and Kingsley, the evergreen loungemeister Burt Bacharach, and synth wizard Tomita. Hell, they made skivvies and polonecks cool – if worn with a tweed jacket and good quality nylon beige slacks – ‘sansabelt’ and ‘action gusset’ compulsory.  Continue reading

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Jake Bugg — On My One (Virgin/EMI Records)

Jake-Bugg-On-My-One-500x500There’s a very fine line between an artist on the one hand evolving and on the other completely reinventing himself. On My One is the sound of Jake Bugg straddling that line, to intriguing effect. Continue reading

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Totally Stripped – The Rolling Stones (Eagle Rock Blu-Ray)


Totally Stripped Blu RayTwenty years ago The Rolling Stones released Stripped, their own version of an “Unplugged” album. Now, as part of their massive archival project, comes Totally Stripped, an updated version of the documentary that accompanied Stripped in 1996. Continue reading

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Nederlands Dans Theatre – Civic Theatre June 30, 2016

STOP-MOTION-%40Rahi-Rezvani_10_270wLiz Gunn witnessed a performance of Nederlands Dans Theatre at Auckland’s Civic Theatre….here is her reaction:

If you have any skerrick of longing for divinity in human form and flow, for something to lift you out of the morass of human struggle, then make sure you see the transcendent elegance of the work of Nederlands Dans Theater ( NDT). This is one of the finest, most spine-tingling dance performances I have ever been lucky enough to see. And as with all things of ineffable beauty, the very nature of their wonder and grace is diminished in the act of trying to encapsulate in words, to ” review”,   those elusive ephemera. Continue reading


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Oyawa – Whammy Bar June 30, 2016

Oyawa - Whammy Bar 30June16 (8 of 30)Oyawa, an up and coming band who has been making waves on indie radio with their new song, Heads On Fire, graced Whammy Bar’s dimly lit basement of a venue with their unique brand of alternative rock. Continue reading

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