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Girl Power!: The Spice Girls and Feminism

spice-girls-feminismIt’s been 20 years since The Spice Girls released Wannabe. The 13th Floor’s Kate Powell has some thoughts about The Spice Girls and Feminism:

Broadly speaking a feminist is a person that embraces the fact that all women regardless of sexual identity, religion, race, and socio- economic backgrounds have the unequivocal right to equality respect and human decency. It is an entirely rational idea that would be natural in an ideal world.  But because we don’t live in an ideal world, it is an idea that is not without its politics and its detractors. Thanks to the internet and social media, everyone has a soap box to stand on to voice their opinions, and for the last year or so feminism has been the hot button topic, a discussion which has been encouraged via celebrities. Continue reading

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